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Groupe Ben Salem


Lawyers & consultants

FEBRUARY 19th, 2014

About us

 We are an international law firm composed of young and experienced professionals. This dualistic constellation its the appropriate one and we also cover areas that overlap in the consulting, i.e. we work across national boundaries in the fields of International Corporate and Economic Law, as well as in the field of Tax Advise. 


We ourselves concieve us as a high level service firm.


A main focus of our activities is the arrangement of special agreements in the area of asset management, amongst others the optimisation of the return on capital employed (e.g. the spanish holding called „ETVE – Entidad de Tenencia de Valores Extranjeros“).


One of the brand marks of our work is he discretion and confidentiality and that is also an important value that our clients totally appreciate.


The obligation of secrecy of attorneys at law is an implicitness.


We communicate in different languages in spoken and written form (Spanish, German, English, French, Arabic and Russian).


If the wishes of our clients cross the frontiers of our professional competence, we have the possibility to access to a wide net of associates and collaborators.

Our offices are in Frankfurt/M (Germany), Madrid (Spain), Sliema (Malta), Paris (France).


This should be a short presentation of our activities, in order to facilitate the establishment of contact with us.


We kindly request you to write us a letter, a Fax or an E-mail to Madrid. From here, we will coordinate and arrange the corresponding contact person/s for you.


Abogados y Asesores

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