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A&A consulting

A&A is providing support to companies by way of professional consulting and strategic decision-making as well as through the conception of tailored solutions in the search for partners or the foundation of joint-venture.


We are bundling our consulting services in particular with companies in the construction and energy industries and act as an intermediary between the parties in view of reaching an optimum result. Our particular competence in these industries is outstanding.


Our international technical competence in the area of strategy, marketing and company structure yields for the parties involved relevant results within shortest times.


We do not need any bloated administrative apparatus or prestigious office premises to take you to success through our international contacts.


We have a tour disposal a team of selected experts to make those processes go that are necessary to take your business to a successful end with a new strategic orientation.


Please contact us or ask for one of our consultants.



Abogados-y-Asesores SLP

C/Velàzques 27 - 1 Ext. Izq.


E - 28001 Madrid

Telephone:   + 34 914364994

Telefax:         + 34 914263804


E-mail:          a&


Abogados y Asesores

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