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Project funding and modern own-capital procurement

In our fast-moving society and the never ending change towards new and reputable financial products we have opened up for our clients an opportunity to allow them to use an existing capital stock in order to generate a multiple thereof, and this in an absolutely safe way.


The flowchart is only intended to provide you with an overall view of the structure of the capital procurement. In a confidential conversation, we will explain you the terms used therein, such as RWA, DD, ECC, MT 799 or MT 760 and illustrate them by examples.


Also, we will work through and discuss the entire procedure with you and show you the way how you can successfully use our model to increase the quality and efficiency of your project funding and capital basis.


Please make an appointment with us and inform us through e-mail (a& about your wishes and your project.


We will contact you immediately.



Abogados-y-Asesores SLP

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Flow chart of the processs

Abogados y Asesores

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